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Earth spirituality is about the interconnectedness of human beings with each other and the Earth. We are connected with the trees, the birds, animals and all other human beings. We have co-evolved with the rocks and the waters. We are not only beings but inter-beings. Each step that we take on the earth is sacred and can enhance our awareness and joy.

The last hundred years or so has created a radical disconnection between human beings and the Earth. This disconnection has led us to recklessly exploit the earth resources and pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. The spectre of climate change is staring us in the face and urging us to act swiftly to prevent the collapse of our civilisation.

For many people in today's world the Earth has been reduced to 'real estate' or 'property' or 'mineral' or 'resource'. We have forgotten that the Earth is the source of all life and that we have evolved from this mother. We are children of the Earth, and if we are faithful to it, it will nourish us physically, psychologically and spiritually. The Earth also stands for a larger reality that is both transcendent and immanent.